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The winner of the 2020 CAWLS New Voices Prize is Kathryne Gravestock for the paper “Gendered Sites of Consumption and Work: A Commodity Chain Approach to the Second-Hand Clothing Industry in Victoria”.

The Committee felt Gravestock’s is an impressively researched paper combining critical engagement of scholarship on commodity chains with feminist political economy analysis and ethnographic fieldwork. The paper is notable in its scope, connecting local labouring practices in Victoria, BC to the global dynamics of the fashion industry and its environmental externalities. Gravestock’s paper, the committee agreed, was theoretically rigorous, methodologically painstaking, and lucidly expressed. Most importantly perhaps, the paper highlights the value added at the end of global fashion production networks by predominantly female, unwaged work, thus destabilizing employment-centric approaches to the study of labour and work. The Committee commends Kathryne Gravestock for an outstanding paper.

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