Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Annual Conference
Portland, Oregon
May 20-22, 2016

Labor, Justice and the Environment: Historical Insights, Alliances and Challenges

We invite proposals for presentations, workshops and performances that explore the historical experiences of workers and their organizations in the Pacific Northwest (USA and Canada).

In 2016 we are particularly interested in proposals that address the relationship between workers, their unions and community partners, and the environmental justice issues of the modern era.

These issues are particular crucial to workers in the Pacific Northwest because of the large number of natural resource-based jobs in our economy. What are the factors that have determined whether environmental issues have been unifying or divisive for labor throughout history? What are the historical antecedents to our current discussions over climate change and the policy implications for workers?

2016 will be an important political year, with a newly elected government in Canada and a pending national election in the United States. We encourage submissions that address historical trends in working class political movements in both countries.

Other topics we are interested in include:

•Evolving forms of worker representation and organizing •Organizing immigrant workers in the PNW
•Community organizing and Labor
•Race and Labor in the Pacific Northwest
•Women workers in the PNW
•The 100
th Anniversary of the Everett Massacre
•People of Color, immigrants and low-income workers in the resource-based economy
•Income inequality and popular movements
•Worker’s culture in the PNW

Proposals for presentations should include a 1-2 page summary, a list of presenters and/or papers to be delivered, a short biography or vita for each participant, and a list of any particular audio-visual needs.

The PNLHA promotes discussion of contemporary topics that adopt an historical approach to the subject matter. In addition to academic papers, we encourage submissions based on popular education techniques that can engage a broad audience of academics, workers and community members.

The deadline for proposals is January 25, 2016. Submitters will be notified of the status of their proposals by February 22.

Please submit all proposals and queries electronically to:

Marcus Widenor
Corresponding Secretary for the PNLHA Program Committee
[email protected]

The PNLHA is a non-profit association of trade unionists, students, academics, and others dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of workers in British Columbia, Oregon and Washington.

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