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Working Canadians:  Books from the CCLH

That series focuses on the history of Canada’s working people and their organizations. The emphasis in this series is on materials that are accessible to labour audiences as well as university audiences rather than simply on scholarly studies in the labour area. This includes documentary collections, oral histories, autobiographies, biographies, and provincial and local labour movement histories with a popular bent.

Fabriks: Studies in the Working Class

Fabriks: Studies in the Working Class provides a broad-based forum for labour studies research. Of particular interest are works that challenge familiar national and institutional narratives, focusing instead on gender-based, occupational, ethnic, and regional divisions among workers and on strategies for fostering working-class solidarity. The series also seeks to resurrect both social class analysis and the view of labour movements as a potentially liberating social force. 


Labour in Canada

The series provides timely snapshots of contemporary trends in labour markets and trade unions. Titles in the series help students understand the interconnections of work, economics, and politics across the country. They are also resources for activists and researchers seeking accessible analysis of how globalization and neoliberalism have affected working people, unions, and new social movements.

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