For next year’s ASA meetings in Montreal, the Labor and Labor Movements section will have two themed sessions, on Canadian labour and global labor protest, respectively, as well as an open topic session and open topic round tables. All the sessions are open submission, and we welcome and encourage everyone to submit their research and circulate this call.

Submissions can be made through the ASA portal at:, and the deadline is January 11, 2017 at 3:00pm EST. 

The Canadian labor movement may seem relatively robust but it is not immune to the serious problems facing labor around the globe including hostile employers, neoliberal efforts to rollback government protections and entrenched racial and gender divisions. We invite scholars of Canadian labour and labour movements, broadly defined, to submit their current research. Papers could address formal labour movement organizations, such as unions, as well as informal and/or alternative forms of worker organizations. We also welcome a variety of methodological approaches, addressing historical or contemporary themes.

We invite submissions focused on diverse forms of labor protest beyond the U.S.  These could include case studies or comparative work on Europe, East Asia, and/or the Global South focused on anti-austerity protests and mobilization in expanding manufacturing and service sectors.  Additionally, papers could focus on the strategies and outcomes of transnational labor activism.  We encourage submissions on formally employed, unionized workers and precarious workers mobilizing through formal organizations or informal networks.  We welcome analyses of diverse institutional settings and innovative protest forms.

3. OPEN TOPIC PANEL: All subjects relating to Labor and Labor Movements are welcome.

4.  OPEN TOPIC ROUND TABLES: All subjects relating to Labor and Labor Movements are welcome.

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