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The working paper series of the Global Labour Research Centre (GLRC) at York University aims to publish papers that document pressing issues of economic and social justice linked to the changing nature of work (both paid and unpaid), employment, labour markets (local, national, and global), and labour (worker education, mobilization, and organization). The series is oriented towards the primary themes of the GLRC: (1) Work, Employment & Labour Rights; (2) Labour, Migration & Citizenship; (3) Work, Employment & Gender Relations; and (4) Labour Movement Revitalization.

Information for Submission

Papers should be submitted to GLRC Coordinator, Adam Charnaw [[email protected]]. All papers will be refereed by an editorial committee of the GLRC and revisions may be required before publication. Copyright remains with the author(s). Submissions may take one of two forms: (1) research papers, not exceeding 5000 words; (2) commentaries, not exceeding 3000 words. Referencing should be in APA style. Submission should include a separate cover page, indicating title, abstract, and author(s) names and contact information, and a short author biographical note (150 words/author).


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