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Izmir, Turkey, 8-9 September

Changing Nature of Industrial Relations in Europe

The 2016 Industrial Relations in Europe Conference(IREC) will take place at Izmir University of Economics in Turkey from 8 to 9 September. The Conference is organized by Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration.

Papers may be theoretical and/or empirical using qualitative or quantitative methods. European comparative research papers are also welcome as in previous IREC conferences. There will be ten themes:

  • Relationship between changing industrial relations and working conditions
  • Re-regulation or de-regulation of labour law
  • Trade Union Restructuring for revitalization
  • Transnational Collective Bargaining and Agreements
  • The future of European Work Councils
  • New Social Movements/Organizations
  • Labour market mobility and migration
  • HRM and/or Trade Union organization in workplace
  • Social Dialogue at company and European level
  • Austerity and its impact on Industrial Relations






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