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Course Information for Fall 2017

Package:   11

Course     MHR522  Union Management Relations
(Tuesday 3pm-6pm)  3 hr/1 section
Est # of Students 48                                                                   

PT: part time up to 2 sections


TRSM Qualification Requirements:

TRSM only considers applicants who meet our qualification requirements as outlined in the “Minimum Qualifications for Applicants document linked to here:

Applicants should demonstrate their qualifications as either “Professionally Qualified” or “Academically Qualified” by attaching the appropriate completed resume template to their application.

The following templates are available to applicants:

  • Academic Resume Template
  • Professional Resume Template

Note: Professional applicants with consulting or private practice experience, or board of directors service within the last 5 years should also complete the corresponding reporting template located at the end of the Professional Resume template.  These templates are also provided separately should applicants need them.

All TRSM templates are linked in the appendix located in the Additional Information section of this posting.

Applicants who meet TRSM’s minimum qualification standards are further assessed by the corresponding School’s or Department’s Contract Lectureres Appointment Committee.

Department/School Contract Lecturere Appointment Committee Requirements

In addition to the minimum TRSM qualification requirements, the HRM/OB Department requires applicants to maintain the following qualifications:

  • Minimal qualifications are an MBA or equivalent masters Degree
  • PhD in the appropriate discipline and teaching experience at the post-secondary level are preferred
  • Recent teaching experience in the course, or a similar course
  • Please include teaching assessments with your application
  • Please include tall student evaluations with your application
  • Evidence of having demonstrated skills/ability to teach effectively in a University environment
  • Evidence of recent professional experience (provide listing of recent professional roles, consulting jobs, or other expert activities, with a listing of dates, clients, time frames, courses, etc.)
  • Evidence of currency in the field (scholarly activities, conferences, courses, etc.)

Contract Lecturer Appointment Committees may require demonstration of evidence from any of the following categories:


  • PhD or equivalent in field related to target course
  • PhD (or equivalent)
  • MBA or equivalent
  • Terminal degree (PhD) in other discipline
  • Master’s degree

Teaching Experience:

  • Teaching target or similar course at Ryerson graduate program.
  • Teaching target or similar course at another university graduate programs.
  • Teaching target or similar course at Ryerson undergraduate program or another university undergraduate program.
  • Teaching target course at College.

Practice field experience:

  • Current (past 5 years) practice in related field 6-10 (depends on quality of experience, including relevance to course, level of responsibility, relevant professional accreditation, etc.)
  • Past (more than 5 years ago) practice in related field.


  • Academic publications (refereed) in past 5 years.
  • Academic publications more than 5 years ago or current (less than 5 years)
  • Professional profile (including professional or academic presentations).
  • Other demonstrated professional currency (practitioner writing, courses taken)

Interactive Skills:

The folling will be rated based on previous teaching ratings/evaluations:

  • Lecture presentation
  • Email interaction
  • Follow through with assignments

Ratings criteria for HRM/OB (CUPE Unit 1, Contract Lecturers) F2017

  • Relevant teaching experience in a business school/department/course:   20%
  • Relevant graduate degrere, PhD preferred: 20%
  • Work experience and currency in the field: 10%
  • Evidence of effective and currency in the field: 10%


Application Instruction

Applicant Responsibilities 

Candidates who wish to apply for this posting must provide an application with the following information defined in Article 14.9 of the current CUPE 3904 Unit 1 collective agreement

  1. The type of appointment that is preferred.
  2. The courses or number of sections of the same course and/or package they would like to teach
  3. Attach an updated resume and any other relevant information concerning their candidacy.
  4. Which courses of all those posted by the Department the candidates consider themselves qualified to teach. (If possible, include the number of times the course content of each of the applied -for courses has been taught).
  5. The address or addresses to which the letter of appointment should be sent, and any periods when the candidates cannot be contacted.
  6. Instructors with priority of consideration may include which of the Continuing Education credit courses they would prefer should the volume of teaching applied for not be available from the teaching functions available to discharge

Please Submit a letter of application, updated resume, currency report (if applicable) student, and teaching evaluations by Tuesday August 1, 2017.

Additional Information

Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar

CUPE Local 3904, Unit 1 – Collective Agreement

IMPORTANT DETAILS:              

Preference will be given to applicants with prior experience in teaching a similar course at a Canadian university.

The Department will provide upon request to any applicant with CUPE experience a current relative seniority list, with instructors who have taught in the department within the last three academic years ranked according to seniority.

All interested applicants are required to familiarize themselves with Ryerson’s Course Management policy, Detailed course outlines for each course are available in the Department and the successful applicants are required to follow them. Calendar course descriptions can be found at

Ryerson University is strongly committed to fostering diversity within our community. We welcome those who would contribute to the further diversification of our staff, our faculty and its scholarship including, but not limited to, women, visible minorities, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity. Please note that all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply but applications from Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

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