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It Takes A Riot: Race, Rebellion, Reform, produced by Simon Black, Howard Grandison, and Idil Abdillahi

On May 4, 1992 in Toronto, a march against anti-Black police violence turned into a riot. The march was organized by the Black Action Defense Committee, a civil rights group and police and criminal justice system watchdog founded by members of Toronto’s Black community. While media and politicians called it a riot, others, including anti-racism activists, called it a “rebellion,” even an “uprising.” “It Takes A Riot” is a provocative new documentary film exploring the events of May 4, 1992, its historical context, political impact, and relevance to contemporary struggles against anti-Black racism. On the 25th anniversary of the Yonge Street “riot”—and with racial injustice, police killings of Black people, and the Black Lives Matter movement on the front pages—this documentary asks: What does it take for Black people to get justice in this society?

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