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by Marcus Taylor and Sébastien Rioux (Polity)

From the rise of fully automated factories to the creation of new migrant work forces, the world of work, employment and production is rapidly changing. By reshaping the global distribution of wealth, jobs and opportunities, these processes are unleashing profound social and environmental tensions, and new political movements. As a means to address these crucial themes, Global Labour Studies elaborates an innovative interdisciplinary framework that builds upon the concepts of power, networks, space and livelihoods. This approach is deployed to explore core topics including globalproduction networks, labour market dynamics, formal and informal sectors, migrationand forced labour, agriculture and environment, corporate social responsibility and newlabour organizations.

Written in a lively and engaging format that draws upon a diverse range of illustrative case studies, the book provides the reader with an accessible repertoire of analytical tools and offers an essential guide to the field. This makes it a uniquely rich text for undergraduate courses on global labour issues across the fields of geography, politics, sociology, labour studies and international development.

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