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Series editor: Adelle Blackett, Law Professor, William Dawson Scholar and Director of the Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

This series studies labour law in context and embraces accounts that rethink founding narratives of labour law, including employment and social security; centres themes that engage with labour law’s peripheries such as reproductive labour, labour informality and precarious work; and invites close, grounded reflection on labour law’s future. It seeks to foster critical engagement with boundary-crossing in fields like migration law, trade and investment law, human rights law, environmental law, and law and development. It welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to labour law that hone insights from and contribute to critical legal theories, legal geography, pluralist approaches to law, economic sociology of law, and third world approaches to international law, to name a few. It is interested in labour law’s methods and encourages the study of international and comparative labour law, the operation of labour law across multiple governance levels, and the emergence of transnational labour law. Both monographs and edited collections are welcomed.
For more information on this series, including details on submitting a proposal, please contact:

Stephen Gutierrez
Acquisitions Editor
Edward Elgar Publishing
[email protected]

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