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The Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies will be holding an election for all the Executive positions at its upcoming General Meeting, Wednesday June 1st, 2016 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm at the University of Calgary.

Term: All positions are for a two-year term, beginning on the conclusion of the General Meeting and ending in May 2018.



  • Chairs the General Meeting;
  • Coordinates and reports on the activities of the Association;
  • Represents the Association publicly; and
  • Liaises with directors of Labour Studies programs, union research and education departments, the conference organizer, and all committees of the Association.

Communication Coordinator (pending Constitutional Amendment approval)

  • Develops and manages the public face of the Association, including the CAWLS website, newsletter, and social media presence;


  • Maintains minutes of Executive Committee and General Meetings;
  • Issues all notices of meetings; and
  • Acts as President in their absence.


  • Assumes responsibility for the finances of the association;
  • Collects membership dues;
  • Keeps the Association’s financial records in order;
  • Makes payments on behalf of the Association; and
  • Prepares a budget for submission to the General Meeting.

Membership Coordinator (pending Constitutional Amendment approval)

  • Maintains a membership database;
  • Assumes primary responsibility for recruitment strategies

Nominations and Voting: Nominations will be accepted from the floor. CAWLS members in good standing (who have paid membership dues by the time of the General Meeting) are eligible to be nominated or to nominate others. CAWLS members who wish to stand for election in absentia must forward notice of their acceptance of nomination to Larry Savage, CAWLS Returning Officer, by Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 at midnight. Only those members in attendance at the General Meeting will be able to vote.

Representation: The CAWLS constitution also includes the following statement about the desired composition of the Executive:

The Association shall strive to have at least two women, one racialized / indigenous person, one non-university based person, and one person from outside of Ontario serve on the Executive Committee.

For more information about the election please contact Larry Savage, CAWLS Returning Officer, at [email protected]

For more information about CAWLS and its 2016 conference at the University of Calgary, please go to

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