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The Canada Research Chair in the Political Economy of Gender & Work, Dr. Leah F. Vosko, and the Closing the Enforcement Gap Research Partnership are pleased to announce a competition for up to two (2) Post-Doctoral Visitor (PDV) positions tenable in the Gender & Work unit at York University for one year with the possibility of renewal.
Gender & Work houses a series of projects related to precarious employment and employment standards (i.e., minimum conditions in areas such as wages, working time, and vacations and leaves) overseen by Dr. Leah F. Vosko, Canada Research Chair in the Political Economy of Gender and Work and Principal Investigator of Closing the Employment Standards Enforcement Gap, a SSHRC Partnership Grant. Closing the Gap is a research partnership involving community legal clinics, worker centres, a private law firm, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, the Law Commission of Ontario, the Ministry of Labour, and academic researchers from seven Canadian universities. The focus of the partnership is the enforcement of employment standards in Ontario; specifically, it aims to map the nature and scope of ES violations, document enforcement practices in order to identify regulatory challenges, and develop alternative models of enforcement that may be applied in Ontario and other jurisdictions in Canada and internationally. Two allied database projects are also housed in Gender & Work: the Global Employment Standards Database and the Canada Labour Code Data Analysis Infrastructure. The PDVs will be involved in this cluster of projects and other smaller scale initiatives relating to the enforcement of employment standards.

Who should apply:

We invite applications from, in particular, interdisciplinary scholars who have earned a doctorate in the social sciences or law and have a research background in fields such as work & society, gender & work, labour studies, migration studies, or political economy. We are primarily seeking candidates with quantitative skills. At least one position requires a candidate with strong statistical analysis skills and experience that can be applied to social science research questions, direct experience working with large survey or administrative datasets, and excellent data management skills. Knowledge of statistical analysis software (such as SPSS, Stata, or R) is required. Experience with survey design, policy analysis, and qualitative research methods is an asset.
For one position, we will also consider candidates with strong skills and experience in qualitative research methods and policy analysis, and have some experience in quantitative analysis.


Once the PDVs are established in their positions, they will have opportunities to collaborate on publications, participate in conference presentations, and engage in other forms of knowledge mobilization.

The PDVs will receive an annual salary of $47,802, office space at York University, use of a computer and full access to York University libraries. They will be supervised by Professor Leah F. Vosko and will work closely with lead community and university-based researchers as well graduate and undergraduate students.

How to apply:

Applications will be reviewed starting on August 27, 2018 for a position to commence September 2018 (start date to be negotiated). Applicants should forward a cover letter, a brief research statement, curriculum vitae, and a writing sample, as well as have three confidential academic letters of reference in one PDF document (except for reference letters which may be sent separately by referees) to Heather Steel at [email protected]. All correspondence should be addressed to:

Professor Leah F. Vosko

c/o Heather Steel, Research Project Administrator Canada Research Chair in the Political Economy of Gender and Work 622 (Gender and Work Unit) Kaneff Tower York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON Canada M3J 1P3

Applications from non-Canadian scholars, as well as scholars with diverse work experience in public sector organizations or NGOs, are welcome.

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