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At CAWLS’ Annual General Meeting in June 2016, a new executive was elected for a two-year term. Stephanie Ross and Marlea Clarke were re-elected as President and Secretary respectively, and Andrew Stevens was elected as CAWLS’ Treasurer. Two executive positions were left vacant: the Communications Coordinator and the Membership Coordinator. The AGM empowered the Executive to appoint people to these positions. We have been able to fill the Membership Coordinator position with Kendra Strauss, who has been informally working in the role as the Member-at-Large. However, the Communications Coordinator position remains open.

The Communications Coordinator plays a very important role in CAWLS, and will allow someone to make an essential contribution growth and visibility of our association. The position “assumes primary responsibility for managing the public face of the Association, including the CAWLS website, e-newsletter, and social media presence.” The Executive invites statements of interest from CAWLS members in good standing, to be submitted by October 31, 2016 to [email protected].

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