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Dr. Tommy Wu has joined the faculty as Assistant Professor at McMaster’s School of Labour Studies.

“Dr. Wu is an interdisciplinary scholar broadly interested in thinking through how global racial capitalism is reproduced and normalized. His research and teaching interests, located at the intersection of labour studies, critical migration studies, and Asian American/Canadian studies, examine racial and class inequalities through the lived experiences of im/migrant workers. He is currently working on an article that examines the use of storytelling on WeChat (Chinese social media platform) among Chinese restaurant workers and its potential ramifications to worker organizing in the contemporary moment. His most recent work was published in the Journal of Asian American Studies and explored racial dynamics inside the Asian fusion restaurants that are proliferating outside of traditional im/migrant gateway cities. Dr. Wu is also committed to exploring new pedagogies within and beyond the classroom. As someone who has worked in many sectors and odd jobs prior to settling into academia, he understands that the learning process can take heterogenous, amorphous, and sometimes unpredictable forms. He received his PhD in Sociology from the City University of New York in 2019.”

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